Our leadership team is made up of people who are successful, accomplished professionals in their fields. But more importantly, they have asked themselves the very questions that are at the core of this program.

They understand the importance of living one’s best life by making conscious choices. They have lived the process and thus validate the Shaping Purpose program.

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Lorne Brett


Lorne Brett has worked primarily in the retail automobile industry, spending nearly 40 years operating, buying and mentoring dealerships across Eastern Canada. His years working with teams and customers in this industry provided a number of “lightbulb moments,” including the opportunity to found DealerMine, a specialized Customer Relationship Management program exclusively designed for dealerships. Today, DealerMine serves numerous customers across North America.

Lorne’s other business interests – and personal passions – have been wide-ranging, from standardbred racing and franchise restaurant development, to ownership of Fixed-Base Operator services at his community airport and now, Shaping Purpose.

Shaping Purpose is the result of another “lightbulb moment.”

As Lorne prepared to transition his car dealership business to his son, he knew he had another good 40 years of living, creating and mentoring to do. But doing what? Despite his broad network of friends, family, colleagues and coaches, Lorne could not find a mechanism to help him think through this and identify the right path for him. Ironically, identifying this gap – and helping to fill it for the benefit of others – became the path. And the kernel of Shaping Purpose was born.

Together with co-founder Anita Punamiya, Lorne and the Shaping Purpose team have custom-developed a program to help people live their lives with clarity.

Lorne and his wife, Lynn, live in Saint John, New Brunswick and Orlando, Florida. In addition to his ongoing role as mentor and creator, Lorne continues to live life to its fullest by traveling, skiing, bicycling, kayaking and flying.

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Anita Punamiya


Anita Punamiya is a thinker, teacher and lifelong learner. She has more than 20 years’ experience in training, management and consulting, and today serves as CEO of CompreCultures Ltd., specializing in cross-cultural communications for a range of clients.

Anita’s life journey is anything but conventional. She grew up in a small town north of Mumbai, India. In a society where women and girls were expected to live fairly ‘domesticated’ lives, Anita’s non-traditional parents encouraged her to believe in herself and nurtured her independent spirit. Anita’s mother, a physician, instilled in her the value of education and her father, a businessman, gave her the love of adventure. Anita graduated from the University of Mumbai with degrees in Child Development and Law. In 1994, Anita moved to Dubai where she held management positions with various international fashion brands.

Anita came to North America in 2004 and obtained her MBA in International Business and founded CompreCultures in 2007. She is a part-time professor at the University of New Brunswick (Saint John), and teaches Cross-Cultural Communications. 

Anita’s sense of purpose has been influenced and shaped by the different chapters and transitions in her life and all the people who have been a part of her journey.

Working closely with co-founder Lorne Brett, Anita leads program development and delivery for Shaping Purpose. She considers herself a change-agent and is passionate about empowerment, and arming people with tools to help them realize their full potential in life.

Anita lives in Rothesay, New Brunswick, and makes regular trips to India to visit family and give back to her roots. In line with her passion for empowerment, she has recently started an initiative called “Swabhimaan” which means “Self-Respect” in multiple Indian languages. She conducts workshops for young adults to help develop self-esteem and are geared towards prevention of violence against women.

Anita is an avid golfer and continues to pursue her creative interests such as art and photography. She travels often and has annual fun adventure trips with her son, some of which have included climbing Galdhøpiggen, Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro.

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