Our Approach


Our objective is to help our clients achieve clarity about their purpose. We empower our clients to make conscious choices, live congruent lives and to chart their own path to get from their current reality to their envisioned future.

Our Method

All sessions are led by trained, experienced facilitators who have personally undergone the journey of searching for purpose and are committed to the fundamental tenets of the program.

Part 1

Part 1 is an intense foundation session held over 3 consecutive days during which we offer different perspectives, introduce some models and a framework for analyzing information.

During this part of the program, guided by experienced facilitators, participants will explore their core values, and desires. The collaborative nature of this part of the program helps participants engage in groups, where they explore, learn and share experiences and ideas with others. Working in groups can also provide comfort when participants realize that they are not alone and that many others share the questions they may have or the challenges they face.

Participants will leave this intense session with clarity about their core values, desires and an understanding of the requirements for achieving well-being. They will have a map of where they are in their life today, where they would like to be and a list of the various options which can take them from current reality to their envisioned future. Participants will have an understanding of the requirements for each of the options and plan next steps to make it real.

Part 2

Part 2 builds on the foundation of the first session. Participants from Part 1 are offered follow-up sessions on a variety of topics in an ‘a la carte’ style menu, which they can choose from, such as:

  • Topics on Health and Wellness – nutrition, health, aging, lifestyle and self-care, meditation and spirituality, stress management and balance
  • Topics such as relationships, creativity, travel, volunteering, board work, mentoring and social entrepreneurship
  • Topics on Financial Guidance – investment, wealth management, taxation and estate planning

Our objective is to make sure that any area of interest identified in Part I can be expanded upon and explored so that the needs of all participants are met.

The Community Approach

Participating in the Shaping Purpose program not only allows clients access to insights and information, but also offers them a chance to belong to the Shaping Purpose community. Connecting with others who are in a similar stage of life can help clients realize that they are not alone and that many others share the questions they may have or the challenges they face. The Shaping Purpose community offers participants opportunities to learn from and support one another during the sessions.

For more information about our approach and program format, please contact us.