As we move through the different stages of our life, it is natural to become very focused on our responsibilities at each stage.

Family commitments and professional identities play a big part in defining daily lives and self-identity.

When the time approaches to move from those well-defined, productive years to a more unstructured period, many individuals experience a loss of identity. They may not be unhappy, but may begin to have a nagging feeling that there must be something more to life, even if they do not know what that “something” is.

Shaping Purpose can help you discover clarity.

Through a carefully structured approach, we will invite you to honestly answer a few fundamental questions:

  • Do I like what I’m doing?
  • Is there more to life beyond what I am doing today?
  • How can I find what I am looking for?

We will help you identify your core values and desires. This will enable you to map where you are in your life today, where you would like to be, and chart a path to get from current reality to your envisioned future.

Changing the Third Age

At its core, our program challenges conventional thinking about how people progress through stages of their lives. As the model below depicts, the Third Age has been positioned as the beginning of a downward slope.

We don’t believe that has to be true.

A Third Age of growth and renewal can occur at any stage of life, following any number of kinds of transitions. Our program guides each participant to explore what gives them purpose, create a personal vision and formulate a plan that will deliver tangible outcomes.

You have the power to steer the direction of your life. Shaping Purpose will give you the tools.

Borrowed and adapted from Peter Laslett