Shaping Purpose Presents

A remarkable methodology that helps you shape a lasting life purpose. 

Break out of your funk, break away from what you think they want you to be and shape your unique vision of your future.

This is Shaping Purpose, 24-Day Challenge.

How do you know if you're ready for this?

We have a series of questions to help you decide if this course is for you. It takes a couple of minutes and gives you insight most people don't consider in their lifetime.

"The material was fantastic. The whole thing was really positive"—attendee

"It was definitely on the better end of the courses that I’ve been to."—attendee

"I loved it. The alarm would go off in the morning and I’d be like, perfect, I can’t wait for today."—attendee

"I would definitely recommend it."

It’s a well put together course. For anybody who is getting out and has to find a second career, still has kids home, and has to pay the bills. And just to get beyond this thing that your life is the military. There’s a life beyond the military.”—attendee

"I’ve mentioned and recommended this course to a number of people."

“People that are sitting in limbo that aren’t sure of which direction that they’d like to take. How they would like to proceed with the next stage/chapter of their life. Particularly people who have their release date but are just getting started in the process.”—attendee

"It’s always something that I can refer to."

“I’ve done a few other courses, we call them “hug me” courses, like we had “flight plan” in the air force that helped you understand your personality or conflict resolution courses.  At the time that was beneficial but I think something like this is definitely more beneficial.  To understand the ups and downs and the cycles of your life, that was never put in perspective for me before.  So, to have that perspective is big.  It’s always something that I can refer to.”

You are Transitioning

You don’t know or aren’t sure what’s coming and you feel that you’ve lost your purpose and your identity. You feel lost.

Learning what aspects of your former life gave you fulfillment will help you find happiness and fulfillment in the next stage of your life.

  • Have you been talking about things you want to do, but they never seem to happen?
  • Are you sleeping at night?
  • Has cranky become your usual mood, at least according to everyone else?
  • Have you had enough of everyone telling you what you should be doing, or rehashing your past with a therapist?

Shaping Purpose is a course that helps you identify your core gifts, passions and values, and find the clarity you need to plan your transition to civilian life.

We aren’t here to tell you anything, we are here to help you figure it out for yourself. We ask the right questions, so you can come up with the right answers.Shaping Purpose enables you to identify your:
  • Gifts (skills applicable to the civilian world)
  • Passions (interests most crucial to your mental well-being)
  • Values (personal code of honor)
And establish what helps you increase well-being, including:
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Happiness

The Shaping Purpose 24-day Challenge guides you towards your own idea of success using small bits of instruction combined with stories and hands-on exercises.

You move from confusion to clarity.

Step 1: Your Lifeline

Learn to be a detached observer and see your life to this point, in a whole new way.

Step 2: Your Roles

Figure out what roles you have played in your life, what works, and what doesn’t.

Step 3: GPVs

Identify what makes you, you. Your Gifts, Passions and Values.

Step 4: Strategy

Plan a strategy and start taking action.

Shaping Purpose 24-Day Challenge

The course that helps you figure out your life,
on your own terms.

“When I look at the group that [was] with me in this program from various backgrounds we really had all the same issue – we had lost focus and we needed some direction. The program gave me a foundation, a basic plan as to how I want to structure my second career. This program gave me an opportunity to change course and develop a much closer relationship with my spouse. I think is critical especially at our ages because we’ve got another 30 years to go through life together so I think that’s really the most  important thing to work on.”

Wayne Mallet

Retired Business Owner

“I would say come with an open mind and an open heart and just be ready to change your life. If you’re open to it, it can change your life in such a dramatic way. I’m so excited to go out and live the life that I’ve written down for myself. I had no plan coming in here and now I have a plan for my life.”

Catherine Taylor

Marketing Executive

“I would say that it is a life changer for sure I would say that it really takes you from a place of you think you know yourself you dig deep and then you really get to know what you need to know to move forward.

I think it can change not only adult lives but it has a lot of applications potentially for schools for children for adolescents, I can see a lot of potential for kids in particular who are just getting to know themselves and it really pulls out the core values that they have to start to think about early on in life which would only help them later on in life.”

Dawn Burhoe

Occupational Therapist

What do you get?

A chance to move forward.

Course Dashboard with 24 Days of Micro-Learning

Instant access to your course dashboard.

One lesson will be revealed each day for 24 days.

20 minutes of micro-learning a day for lasting change.

How much time you spend completing the work is up to you.

Start Together… Finish Together

Shaping Purpose is community-powered, each 24-Day Challenge starts on a specific date.

Every group starts together, transforms together, supports each other and—reaches the finish line together.

So you don’t just learn… you may also end up meeting a friend.

You have access to the online materials for a full year, all your work is yours for future reference.

Live Group Q & A Sessions

Live sessions with the course instructor within the program.

Send in questions ahead of time, or ask questions in the live chat.

Get feedback from the instructor during the program.

Membership community for on-going support.


What Makes it Different?

I’ve taken a lot of these courses, what makes this different?


No more long boring classes that take hours out of your days.

Designed to give you meaningful forward movement in short, intense, daily hands-on sessions.

Years of Wisdom

Personal experiences  engineered into the 24-Day Challenge micro-sessions.

Proven method as documented in third-party research.
Get the research report.

Each Day Builds on the Day Before

Leading to proven lasting change and measurable results.
Short (2–5 minute) audio or video.

Detailed walk through the hands-on work.
Individualized  experience—you figure out your own path.

Instructor Support and a Private Course Discussion Area

These discussions, and different perspectives,  often provide you with the best information about yourself.

What Experts Have to Say About Shaping Purpose

"It Provides Clarity"

I think it helps people define the meaning, the thing motivates all of us. I think that people live their lives in a very passive manner, at times really woefully unaware really of what's guiding their decisions. I think that to help a person live more actively, that's really what I feel the program would do.

Dr. Ward Yuzda


I feel that this is of great value to anybody at any stage of their life wether they are going through a transition because it allows you to do a deep dive into various aspects or elements of your life and you know look to the past look into the future and come out with a roadmap that you've committed to of where you want to be and exactly how you are gonna get there. So I think it is of tremendous value to basically anybody.

Dr. Shakeela Khan, PhD

Applied Psychology

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Is This Course For You?

How do you know if you're ready for this?

We have a series of questions to help you decide if this course is for you. It takes a couple of minutes and gives you insight most people don't consider in their lifetime.