Day 16 Career

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If you wish or need to continue working, reflect and answer each task in the three columns of today’s download to determine how and where your GPVs can best serve you in seeking a fulfilling career.

Bonus Course the Military to Civilian Skills Guide

We offer a Military to Civilian Skills Guide that is above and beyond the scope of this course. If you would like to use the guide, you can sign up for the mini-course here and complete it at any time you like. You will receive a PDF Guide, and a series of emails to step you through the process of translating your military skills into civilian language. We recommend you wait until completing this course before you start the Military to Civilian Skills Guide.

You can sign up now and do the work whenever you are ready!


The Discussion Group is ready for your input. Can you think of ways that others can use their skills? Sometimes it is easier to help someone else than it is to think of something for yourself.

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