A course full of tools to help you identify your unique purpose, using your own Gifts, Passions, and Values.

Whatever your transition, this course will make you feel better about the next stages of your life.

To new career or next life chapter!

Special offer for New Brunswick Youth!

What’s New at Shaping Purpose?

Youth and Well-Being

Youth and Well-Being

There is such demand right now by youth looking for help to improve their mental health. And yet, there seems to be no funding to provide resources. Who is in for change?

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Who are You Anyway?

Who are You Anyway?

Does your reflection match what’s inside? The reflection you see is from years of choices. To see a different reflection, make different choices.

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Did You Know?

Shaping Purpose is a recognized, registered Medavie Blue Cross Service Provider.

Medavie Blue Cross

Counselling Therapy

VIP Adult Day Program

Veterans edition for 3 columns

Veterans Edition

For military, first responders and veterans. An exclusive course and content taught by veterans, for veterans. Are you transitioning from military to civilian life? This course may be for you. Offered in 3 formats:

  1. Facilitated, Virtual Course
  2. One on One Coaching
  3. Classroom Session

Shaping Purpose for Youth

Our course is designed for youth ages 16-24. This course will help you figure out who you are and what you want, in order to help you make better life decisions. If you want to create a better plan for your life, consider this course. Offered in 3 formats:

  1. Facilitated, Virtual Course
  2. One on One Coaching
  3. Classroom Session
Life insight for 3 columns

Life in Sight

Are you retiring, becoming an empty nester, quitting your job or changing careers? If you are transitioning then this course will help you to shape your purpose in this next phase. Offered in 3 formats:

  1. Facilitated, Virtual Course
  2. Self-paced, Online Course
  3. Classroom Session

Proven Tools and System

Crafted since 2014 to help you save a lifetime of guesswork and agonizing mistakes.

Shaping Purpose comes in a program designed to fit your lifestyle.

In a format that fits your needs.

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Facilitated, Virtual Course

Held over 4 days, for 3 hours each day.

One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching with a Certified Coach to help you figure out who you are and where you want to be. 

KV Oasis Youth

Full Shaping Purpose Classroom Course

When, and only when you are ready. Hands-on challenges that take you beyond knowing and on to the tough job of doing. Actually plan out your next steps, and your life.

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