No matter where you are in your path of life, don’t let the pain of an imperfect life hinder the glory of your fabulous future.
Robin Sharma

The 5 AM Club

I heard about The Respect Forum from a veteran last year. It is an organization aimed at showcasing life-changing community programs and services to reduce mental health and homelessness for people in uniform – veterans, first responders, police, firefighters and more. What a cool idea I thought, tell me more!

Fast forward to this month, where I had the pleasure to speak at the virtual Respect Forums in Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton, and Halifax to share our story (how the Shaping Purpose Veteran’s Edition course is helping local vets find their purpose and a better quality of life post military).

Respect Forum

What I loved about these Forums was meeting people from other similar organizations and seeing what they are offering.

Attention everyone who knows a person suffering – there are important and interesting programs and treatments out there to help serving men and women navigate a difficult transition.

Making big decisions is hard, and so is finding a career and purpose for a better life. Individuals experience a difficult transition when they feel stuck or irrelevant, unable to move forward or struggling to make plans and decisions.


When communities embrace reverence by showing respect and dignity to a person in transition by offering help, that person will feel a great sense of relevance and purpose.

Finding your purpose is how you get unstuck and begin to feel relevant.

I enjoyed meeting Jeanne Gerldart at the Respect Forums. Jeanne is a local registered Transcendental Meditation guide doing great work!

To learn more, click the button below and then select Fredericton TM Centre

Jeanne Gerldart, Transcendental Meditation

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