The Shaping Purpose Self-paced, Online Course

Veterans Edition

Shaping Purpose Veterans Edition

At the end of the online course, come out with a vision for your life.

The course helps you find your new identity and purpose after the military, it pulls out your Gifts, Passions and Values and helps you create a plan for your next steps.

We are currently revising the course with updated materials and videos.

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Shaping Purpose Presents

A remarkable methodology that helps you plan a way forward and find a new purpose in life post-service.

Break out of your funk, break away from what you think they want you to be and shape your unique vision of your future.

"The material was fantastic. The whole thing was really positive"—attendee

"It was definitely on the better end of the courses that I’ve been to."—attendee

"I loved it. The alarm would go off in the morning and I’d be like, perfect, I can’t wait for today."—attendee

"I would definitely recommend it."

It’s a well put together course. For anybody who is getting out and has to find a second career, still has kids home, and has to pay the bills. And just to get beyond this thing that your life is the military. There’s a life beyond the military.”—attendee

"I’ve mentioned and recommended this course to a number of people."

“People that are sitting in limbo that aren’t sure of which direction that they’d like to take. How they would like to proceed with the next stage/chapter of their life. Particularly people who have their release date but are just getting started in the process.”—attendee

"It’s always something that I can refer to."

“I’ve done a few other courses, we call them “hug me” courses, like we had “flight plan” in the air force that helped you understand your personality or conflict resolution courses.  At the time that was beneficial but I think something like this is definitely more beneficial.  To understand the ups and downs and the cycles of your life, that was never put in perspective for me before.  So, to have that perspective is big.  It’s always something that I can refer to.”

You are a Veteran and are transitioning from Military to Civilian life.

You may have chosen to leave, or you may have been medically released. You’re not sure what you’re going to do as a civilian or even if you fit into that world.

You don’t know or aren’t sure what’s coming and you feel that you’ve lost your purpose and your identity. You feel lost.

Whether you were a Flight Engineer, Infantry Soldier, Clearance Diver, Communications or other trade, you created your identity around that career. A critical part of the transition to civilian life is defining your new identity and purpose outside of the military.

Learning what aspects of that military life gave you fulfillment will help you find happiness and fulfillment in the next stage of your life.

  • Have you been talking about things you want to do, but they never seem to happen?
  • Are you sleeping at night?
  • Has cranky become your usual mood, at least according to everyone else?
  • Have you had enough of everyone telling you what you should be doing, or rehashing your past with a therapist?

Shaping Purpose is a course that helps you identify your core gifts, passions and values, and find the clarity you need to plan your transition to civilian life.

We aren’t here to tell you anything, we are here to help you figure it out for yourself. We ask the right questions, so you can come up with the right answers.

Shaping Purpose enables you to identify your:

  • Gifts (skills applicable to the civilian world)
  • Passions (interests most crucial to your mental well-being)
  • Values (personal code of honor)

And establish what helps you increase well-being, including:

  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Happiness

The Shaping Purpose 24-day Challenge guides you towards your own idea of success using small bits of instruction combined with stories and hands-on exercises.

You move from confusion to clarity.

Step 1: Your Lifeline

Learn to be a detached observer and see your life to this point, in a whole new way.

Step 2: Your Roles

Figure out what roles you have played in your life, what works, and what doesn’t.

Step 3: GPVs

Identify what makes you, you. Your Gifts, Passions and Values.

Step 4: Strategy

Plan a strategy and start taking action.

Shaping Purpose Veterans Edition

The course that helps you figure out your life,
on your own terms.

Are you completely overwhelmed and have no real direction?
You’re not alone!

Many transitioning veterans feel the same way. I’m Dennis Leblanc, and I served 19+ years in the CAF as an infantryman, and as an Officer. I had a contract until 2033, however, I was released early for medical reasons.

I had no plan, I was lost and I didn’t even know myself as Dennis, my identity was stripped away. I didn’t know what to do. I was in desperate need of guidance.

This isn’t uncommon in planned retirement either, we spend so much time working in an Institution that we may inadvertently lose some of who we are!

If you have been released and are still trying to “figure out your life plan”, Shaping Purpose Veteran’s Edition can help!

“I don't think we take enough time in our busy lives to stop and reflect. That alone can change for a lot of people who are going through the transition, especially when we're talking about medically releasing ill uninjured dealing with so many other struggles. This program allows them some sense of control because they're being accountable for what they're thinking what they're feeling and hopefully realizing that they do have control to make choices. It’s my hope they'll move forward with a couple tools in their in their tool belt that we don't really have in a lot of the other programs.”

Jo-Anne Flawn-Laforge

Major (Retired), Personnel Selection Officer, CAF, Canadian Armed Forces

“It's a personal reflection you get to see, you see yourself on paper rather than in your own mind and it becomes a lot more real than just the thoughts in your own head.  I think I'll write more.  I’m beginning to see the benefit in writing down the ideas instead of just thinking about them.  Having something on paper is a lot more permanent than just coming up with an idea and having it sit there.”

Chance Burles

Master Corporal (Retired), Combat Engineer, CAF

“The one thing I'm going to do for sure is reach out and explore my every possibility.  When I first got out I was into the electrical trade found out I absolutely did not like it.  It reminded me too much of my last career.  It didn't bring me joy and happiness and was very stressful on me and my family.  Now with this kind of new enlightenment, I'm going to pursue what I like and if I can make it into a career even better.”
Tom Power

Retired Flight Engineer

“The big thing I like most about the program was the fact that it showed me I didn't have the barriers that I thought I did.  It gave an all-together package that you can take and correlate to your life and that’s something that no other course has ever done, and these factors actually work for you.”
Tim Clarke

Sergeant, Operations / Training

What do you get?

A chance to move forward.

Course Dashboard 

Instant access to your course dashboard.

One lesson will be revealed after previous lesson completed.

20 minutes of learning a day for lasting change.

How much time you spend completing the work is up to you.

Start Together… Finish Together

Shaping Purpose is community-powered, each 24-Day Challenge starts on a specific date.

Every group starts together, transforms together, supports each other and—reaches the finish line together.

So you don’t just learn… you may also end up meeting a friend.

You have access to the online materials for a full year, all your work is yours for future reference.

Live Group Q & A Sessions

Live sessions with the course facilitator within the program.

Send in questions ahead of time, or ask questions in the live chat.

Get feedback from the facilitator during the program.

Membership community for on-going support.


What Makes it Different?

I’ve taken a lot of these courses, what makes this different?


No more long boring classes that take hours out of your days.

Designed to give you meaningful forward movement in short, intense, daily hands-on sessions.

Years of Wisdom

Personal experiences  engineered into the learning sessions.

Proven method as documented in third-party research.
Get the research report.

Each Day Builds on the Day Before

Leading to proven lasting change and measurable results.
Short (2–5 minute) audio or video.

Detailed walk through the hands-on work.
Individualized  experience—you figure out your own path.

Facilitator Support and a Private Course Discussion Area

These discussions, and different perspectives,  often provide you with the best information about yourself.

Gifts, Passions and Values

There were gifts innate to you that you used to excel in your military profession. You may have been able to feed your passions in that role (or not), and they may have either conflicted or aligned with your values.You may find yourself questioning your experience, or your skills transference.

These are all keys items to know if you’re transitioning to the civilian world. It can feel impossible to move forward in life if you don’t know what your gifts, passions and values are.

More Than a Job

A successful transition to the civilian world is more than simply finding employment.

A critical part of the transition to civilian life is defining your new identity and purpose outside of the military.

Whether you were a Flight Engineer, Infanteer, Clearance Diver, Communications or other trade, you created your identity around that career.

Learning what aspects of that military life gave you fulfillment will help you find happiness and fulfillment in the next stage of your life.

What Veterans Have to Say About Shaping Purpose

Shaping Purpose has been tested and researched with Veterans just like you.

Here are their comments.

They were all very positive and provided a lot of suggestions/guidance to improve quality of life.

The facilitators were very positive and provided a lot of guidance to avert dysfunction or at least minimize dysfunction in somebody's life.

The positive attitudes of the instructors!

The presenters are obviously passionate about the material and invested in us.

Facilitators are knowledgeable about CAF release process. Their own experiences validated your fears and stresses not to feel alone.
Appreciated real life examples by coordinators
Personal connection that AG establishes with participants through his own experience
Great facilitators, helps a fellow veteran was involved.
Again, they were all great, it helps that there was a former CAF member there to legitimize experiences.
I loved that the facilitator has a military background and knows exactly what we are going through. He can relate to each of us and understands what we require
Someone speaking from experience not just education
Having a vet who has gone through transition facilitate the course.
They understood the inner turmoil of being medically released from the CAF.
The instructors. So encouraging and able to relate to the participants, adding significant value.

It was good to see my interests, talents, and realize what is important to me.
Putting my goals, aspirations, etc in perspective and how easy it is to reach them.
Exploring interests, passions, goals.
The exercises to help define my goals, values and passions.
Discovering my values strengths and abilities.
Increased awareness of my own gifts, passions, values.

I really liked Andrew's beginning statement of no matter how long you served everyone's journey is important and relevant. His clarification of “no ranks” made me more comfortable as well. I enjoyed having it virtually as I felt more comfortable being in a familiar environment and this more inclined to share (also less intimidated).

Sean – Graduate May 2020

I had no expectations and therefore was very happy as the program did two things for me in my situation; (1) provides reassurance that the choices my family and I have made are in line with my goals passions and values; and (2) forced me to take a rear view check and identify both good and bad events and decisions. This is something I do not do often or well and recognize clearly that my history contributed to who I am now. Thank you to the entire team.

Marston – Graduate May 2020

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being a part of this course. I have learned so much about myself. I can't thank you enough. I feel that it was well presented and well received. I have a Life Plan now and I am going to use it 🙂

Cassandra – Graduate May 2020