June veterans in transition

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This course is for transitioning veterans and their supporters.

A critical part of transitioning from military to civilian life is finding one’s purpose and a new identity. The Shaping Purpose program helps CAF members and veterans identify their core gifts, passions and values, which helps you find the clarity to plan your way through the transition to civilian life.

By employing a highly interactive and engaging program, Shaping Purpose enables individuals to identify their gifts (skills applicable to the civilian world), passions (interests most crucial to their mental well-being) and their values (personal code of honour). The program culminates with the creation of a Life Plan which allow participants to plan actionable steps to move forward and live a more fulfilling life.

This is a 4 day virtual course led by 3 facilitators. It is offered in a group setting, with optional mentoring sessions throughout the following year.

Day 1 – Shaping Purpose’s models and concepts

Day 2 – Self-Discovery – identification of core gifts, passions, and values

Day 3 – Well-Being Model – Prosperity, Health and Happiness

Day 4 – Life Plan Creation – Strategic planning for your life in the months and years to come.

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