Shaping Purpose Veterans Edition

Come out with a vision for your life.

Using proven micro-learning methodology, the Veterans Edition helps you examine your life, and pull out your Gifts, Passions and Values and create a plan for your next steps.

Find the format that works for you:

  1. Facilitated, 4-day, Group Session
  2. Self-paced, Online 24-Day Challenge
  3. Live, off-base 4-day Group Session

The proof is below.

Proven Tools and System

Crafted to help you save a lifetime of guesswork and agonizing mistakes.


At Shaping Purpose, we know that a successful transition to the civilian world is more than simply finding employment.

A critical part of the transition to civilian life is defining your new identity and purpose outside of the military.

Whether you were a Flight Engineer, Infanteer, Clearance Diver or Engineer or other trade that may have been how you identified yourself but without knowing exactly what aspects of that life truly gave you fulfillment, it’s extremely difficult to find happiness and fulfillment in the next stage of your life.

There were gifts/skills innate to you that you used in that profession to excel.  There may have been aspects of that life that fed some of your passions without you realizing or there may have been aspects of that life that matched up (or didn’t) with your personal values.  These are all key items to know if you’re transitioning to the civilian world.  Without having this knowledge about yourself it can feel impossible to move forward in life.

Shaping Purpose is a program that helps identify core gifts, passions and values, which will help CAF members find the clarity they need to plan through their transition to civilian life.

Two soldiers
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Military personnel can find themselves questioning their experience, transference of skills.  By employing a highly interactive and engaging program, Shaping Purpose enables individuals to identify their gifts (skills applicable to the civilian world), passions (interests most crucial to their mental well-being) and their values (personal code of honour).  A Well-Being model is also incorporated into the program.  This includes the core areas of prosperity, health and happiness. The program culminates with the creation of a Life Plan which allows individuals to identify opportunities that are aligned with their gifts, passions and values, thereby allowing them to live a more fulfilling life.

Andrew Garsch – Graduate / Facilitator

Live your life with clarity

In a format that fits your needs.

The Shaping Purpose program comes in a variety of formats to best suit you.

facilitated and online

Virtual, Group Session

When, and only when you are ready. Hands-on challenges that expand on the Bootcamp to take you beyond knowing and on to the tough job of doing. Actually planning out your next steps, and your life.

Self-Paced, Online Course

Hands-on challenges to help you figure out who you are and where you want to be. Do it online, in the privacy of your own home.

KV Oasis Youth

Live, off-base group session over a four day period

When you need to get away, lock yourself down in a comfortable place with supportive staff and printed materials. 

Not available currently due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Program Outline

The program outline is below:

Day 1

An overview of the concepts followed by completing a Lifeline.  The Lifeline consists of plotting chronologically all the positive and negative events in your life.

Day 2

Self-Discovery, including identification of core gifts, passions and values without the influence of the military.

Day 3

Well-Being Model, including additional personal planning and in-depth discussion of individual needs and values, covering the topics of Prosperity – Financial/Employment and Geographical, Health – Medical and Biological, Happiness – Psychological and Social.

Day 2

Life Plan creation, this takes everything that has been learned during the session and helps the participant plan their way forward using SMART goals so they can keep themselves on track in the months and years to come as they move towards their ideal life.

We know it works.

This is the proven system to unlock your hidden purpose.

Proven by veterans like you, and a 20-month, independent study.

(Don’t believe it? Good. We don’t expect you to. Yet.)
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What Experts Have to Say About Shaping Purpose

"It Provides Clarity"

I think it helps people define the meaning, the thing motivates all of us. I think that people live their lives in a very passive manner, at times really woefully unaware really of what's guiding their decisions. I think that to help a person live more actively, that's really what I feel the program would do.

Dr. Ward Yuzda


I feel that this is of great value to anybody at any stage of their life wether they are going through a transition because it allows you to do a deep dive into various aspects or elements of your life and you know look to the past look into the future and come out with a roadmap that you've committed to of where you want to be and exactly how you are gonna get there. So I think it is of tremendous value to basically anybody.

Dr. Shakeela Khan, PhD

Applied Psychology

What the Participants Say

Shaping Purpose has been tested and researched with Veterans just like you.
Here are their comments.

I had no expectations and therefore was very happy as the program did two things for me in my situation; (1) provides reassurance that the choices my family and I have made are in line with my goals passions and values; and (2) forced me to take a rear view check and identify both good and bad events and decisions. This is something I do not do often or well and recognize clearly that my history contributed to who I am now. Thank you to the entire team.
Marston – Graduate May 2020

I really liked Andrew’s beginning statement of no matter how long you served everyone’s journey is important and relevant. His clarification of “no ranks” made me more comfortable as well. I enjoyed having it virtually as I felt more comfortable being in a familiar environment and this more inclined to share (also less intimidated).
Sean – Graduate May 2020

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being a part of this course. I have learned so much about myself. I can’t thank you enough. I feel that it was well presented and well received. I have a Life Plan now and I am going to use it 🙂 &nbsp  
Cassandra – Graduate May 2020

What the Research Says

After 20 months of studying our course, and interviewing participants before, and after, with a 6-month follow-up, the study gave us feedback on what Veterans are going through and whether our course was effective or not.

The Result?

It works.

“Its helped me think about, fight out, who I am, and that the military isn’t the only thing that makes me who I am. Knowing that, there are things that I’m going to be doing in the future, and that I’m excited for the future.”

Study Authors

Duncan M. Shields, PhD, Adjunct Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine.
Jesse Frender, MA, Independent Research Consultant.
David Kuhl, MD, PhD, Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine.

“…produces outcomes desired by participants that appear to be durable over time.”

The Way Forward

Identifying gifts, passions and values and creating a Life Plan can provide participants and their families the framework to make conscious choices, and live their best lives post-CAF.