Shaping Purpose Veteran’s Edition

Here’s the proven system to unlock your hidden purpose. 

Proven by veterans like you, and a 20-month, independent study

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Shaping Purpose has been tested and researched with Veterans just like you.
Here are their comments.

The online Shaping Purpose 24-Day Challenge


Veteran's Edition

In Just 24 days, come out with a vision for your life.

Using proven micro-learning methodology, the 24-Day Challenge helps you examine your life, and pull out your Gifts, Passions and Values and create a plan for your next steps.

What Experts Have to Say About Shaping Purpose

"It Provides Clarity"

I think it helps people define the meaning, the thing motivates all of us. I think that people live their lives in a very passive manner, at times really woefully unaware really of what's guiding their decisions. I think that to help a person live more actively, that's really what I feel the program would do.

Dr. Ward Yuzda


I feel that this is of great value to anybody at any stage of their life wether they are going through a transition because it allows you to do a deep dive into various aspects or elements of your life and you know look to the past look into the future and come out with a roadmap that you've committed to of where you want to be and exactly how you are gonna get there. So I think it is of tremendous value to basically anybody.

Dr. Shakeela Khan, PhD

Applied Psychology

CIPP Evaluation Report

The Proof

After 20 months of studying our course, and interviewing participants before, and after, with a 6-month follow-up, the study gave us feedback on what Veterans are going through and whether our course was effective or not. Get the study.
The results?

It works.

“Its helped me think about, fight out, who I am, and that the military isn’t the only thing that makes me who I am. Knowing that, there are things that I’m going to be doing in the future, and that I’m excited for the future.”

Study Authors

Duncan M. Shields, PhD, Adjunct Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine.
Jesse Frender, MA, Independent Research Consultant.
David Kuhl, MD, PhD, Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine.

“…produces outcomes desired by participants that appear to be durable over time.”

"The material was fantastic. The whole thing was really positive"—attendee

"It was definitely on the better end of the courses that I’ve been to."—attendee

"I loved it. The alarm would go off in the morning and I’d be like, perfect, I can’t wait for today."—attendee

"I would definitely recommend it."

It’s a well put together course. For anybody who is getting out and has to find a second career, still has kids home, and has to pay the bills. And just to get beyond this thing that your life is the military. There’s a life beyond the military.”—attendee

"I’ve mentioned and recommended this course to a number of people."

“People that are sitting in limbo that aren’t sure of which direction that they’d like to take. How they would like to proceed with the next stage/chapter of their life. Particularly people who have their release date but are just getting started in the process.”—attendee

"It’s always something that I can refer to."

“I’ve done a few other courses, we call them “hug me” courses, like we had “flight plan” in the air force that helped you understand your personality or conflict resolution courses.  At the time that was beneficial but I think something like this is definitely more beneficial.  To understand the ups and downs and the cycles of your life, that was never put in perspective for me before.  So, to have that perspective is big.  It’s always something that I can refer to.”

“I don't think we take enough time in our busy lives to stop and reflect. That alone can change for a lot of people who are going through the transition, especially when we're talking about medically releasing ill uninjured dealing with so many other struggles. This program allows them some sense of control because they're being accountable for what they're thinking what they're feeling and hopefully realizing that they do have control to make choices. It’s my hope they'll move forward with a couple tools in their in their tool belt that we don't really have in a lot of the other programs.”

Jo-Anne Flawn-Laforge

Major (Retired), Personnel Selection Officer, CAF, Canadian Armed Forces

“It's a personal reflection you get to see, you see yourself on paper rather than in your own mind and it becomes a lot more real than just the thoughts in your own head.  I think I'll write more.  I’m beginning to see the benefit in writing down the ideas instead of just thinking about them.  Having something on paper is a lot more permanent than just coming up with an idea and having it sit there.”

Chance Burles

Master Corporal (Retired), Combat Engineer, CAF

“The one thing I'm going to do for sure is reach out and explore my every possibility.  When I first got out I was into the electrical trade found out I absolutely did not like it.  It reminded me too much of my last career.  It didn't bring me joy and happiness and was very stressful on me and my family.  Now with this kind of new enlightenment, I'm going to pursue what I like and if I can make it into a career even better.”
Tom Power

Retired Flight Engineer

“The big thing I like most about the program was the fact that it showed me I didn't have the barriers that I thought I did.  It gave an all-together package that you can take and correlate to your life and that’s something that no other course has ever done, and these factors actually work for you.”
Tim Clarke

Sergeant, Operations / Training


Student Success Stories

Shaping Purpose really helped me to start to plan small things in my life that I could draw happiness from and take some small steps forward. Seeing the small gains at the beginning helped me build and build towards having a more positive outlook and I dug myself out of depression. I was in some dark places for a while.
By the end of the second day, I found out I had an inner compass and was able to identify my gifts, passions, and values that had been buried for so long. I got in tune with things that brought happiness to my life. The program helped me right off the bat because when I got home I realized there were times when I did just need to say, “look I really need just 15 minutes”. So, as a family now, we have a lot better understanding of what I need and what my family needs. It helped us big time and I give it credit for me being here today.
Andrew Garsch

Without doubt Shaping Purpose was the missing link needed to propel not only Andrew forward but our family as a whole. Prior to Shaping Purpose Andrew tried so many traditional and non-traditional forms to heal and after years of exhausting every recommendation he ultimately lost hope and was about to take his own life. At that time Shaping Purpose was introduced to him and he decided to attend their 4-day conference. Immediately Andrew had a transformation and one he could continue to build on. Shaping purpose provided Andrew with the tools needed to not only reshape his days, his thoughts, his health, his future but it also reshaped his identity into the person he ultimately is and always was deep at his core. As a family, we have gone from a state of constant worry and stress, to an entirely new way of living and we have Shaping Purpose to thank entirely.

Jesika Garsch

I attended Shaping purpose at the beginning of my transition.
I was in a vulnerable space in my life.
I had just started treatment for my brain injury amongst physical surgeries.
I realized I was always moving forward small little chunks.
I realized I needed to make this a skill and direct my life like I used to through goals, no matter how small, that by creating a life plan, I will be happier and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Andrew keeps popping up what a great friend and role model!

Dean Irvine

I found a huge difference in Dean when he returned. He was at peace with himself, very relaxed and his events in his life became clearer.

The timeline…. Dean was able to look at his life and see where all the ups and downs were. He actually realized that he had more positives than negatives. His graph was very colorful and factual which he enjoyed making and is totally him! Haha He was excited to show and tell me all about it.

I found this program had brought a sense of purpose back in Dean’s life… goals… brighter outlook… peace.

After talking with you, Andrew at the 1st training camp for the Invictus Games I could see why the program is so successful and why the participants think you are amazing… you have a beautiful, kind soul and its takes a special person to run a program like Shaping Purpose. I wish you all the best!!

Gailynne Irvine

The online Shaping Purpose 24-Day Challenge


Veteran's Edition

In Just 24 days, come out with a vision for your life.

Using proven micro-learning methodology, the 24-Day Challenge helps you examine your life, and pull out your Gifts, Passions and Values and create a plan for your next steps.