Helping Youth Transition

Identify your Gifts, Passions and Values so you can make informed and positive choices for your career and future. 

What do you want to be?

Who do you wish to become?


Deciding what to do can be frustrating, depressing and draining.

What you learn in the Youth program uncovers who you really are, and helps set you up to make better decisions about every aspect of your life, not just your career choices.

Let us help you figure it all out – contact us for more information today!


Building Stronger Youth

Shaping Purpose Youth began when Lorne Brett recognized that the youth in our community would greatly benefit from our program. Just like the hundreds of adults and veterans that we helped get through difficult transitions, Lorne knew that young folks also seek guidance and answers to big life decisions – like, Who Am I? What are my Gifts, Passions and Values? What type of career path can I work towards that will make me happy and take care of all of my dreams and needs? How do I get there?

In 2018, Shaping Purpose joined forces with KV Oasis Youth Centre and the first Shaping Purpose Youth version was born. Since then, KV Oasis has hosted sessions for youth ages 15-25, and, most recently, taught to the Grade 10, 11 and 12 students at Rothesay Netherwood School.

Overall feedback and results of the program show a staggering 97% of all participants recommending this program to a friend.

“The two-day Shaping Purpose Youth course prepares students to make informed life choices based on their own unique Gifts, Passions and Values (GPVs) and helps guide them by creating a Life Plan. The course teaches students how to take the necessary steps to get them where they want to be. Using interesting and reflective exercises, fun games and various multi-media sources, students dive into exploring their own life. We cover it all – career choices and post-secondary timeline preparation, building and maintaining relationships, understanding strategies surrounding finances. We cover current and ongoing needs for mental and physical health for a healthy social life, all to ultimately create a positive future and healthy work-life balance.” Lorne Brett

We hope that Shaping Purpose Youth will allow youth to have a solid foundation of information about themselves, so they can make the best decisions for their future!!

Photo of Lorne Brett and Stacey Richards taken at KV Oasis Youth Centre, Quispamsis – June 2019

The information was interesting and  relevant because it helped us get an idea of how to plan for our future careers and how to more accurately and honestly identify our own personal strengths and weaknesses. 

RNS Grade 11 Student

It challenged me to think about myself in a way I wouldn’t have before. This was useful and relevant, as it helps me learn more about who I am and goals, I need heading into the future to fulfill my life.

RNS Grade 12 Student

I would recommend this course to young people so they can learn who they are instead of pretending to know.

KV Oasis Youth, Age 17

I found it really clear and organized because everything I found related to me and finding your goals, gifts, values and passions and helped me realize my dream.

Weekend Workshop Participant at KV Oasis Youth Centre

The program helps you think about your future and your plans and what you are going to do without being afraid. It helps you have an extremely clearer path for life.

RNS Grade 10 Student

The program made me realize things I needed to be reminded of and it made me realize new things about me and my capabilities.  It’s relevant because I was confused about my future and now I have a better vision.

RNS Grade 11 Student