Youth Edition

Shaping Purpose Youth Edition

Facilitated, Virtual Course

The Shaping Purpose for Youth course is specifically designed for youth who have difficulty figuring out who they are, and for those challenged with deciding on a career path.

Get your mind back on track looking towards a hopeful, successful future with a facilitated, virtual course.

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The Youth Edition facilitated, virtual course provides the same hands-on tools and direction of the classroom sessions to help you through the difficult transition from high school into a happy, purposeful life.

Through the course, you gain the confidence needed to make conscious choices for important life decisions.  You will learn how to incorporate your own unique gifts, passions, and values into a “best fit” career path. All of the exercises and activities help you figure out who you are, who you want to be, and what you need to do to move forward with less stress and a hopeful future.

For New Brunswick students only, we are offering 14 hours of facilitated, online course for only $395. 

We are restricting this course to 14 – 22 students per class. 

Facilitated, Virtual 2-Day Course Outline – $395


We will call you to say hello, and to ensure that you received the journal binder material and your computer links are working property.


Materials Required

  • Shaping Purpose Binder – Shipped to your door
  • PC or Laptop with webcam / Wi-Fi
  • Pen, Pencil, and Marker(s)
  • Scrap note paper
Shaping Purpose Youth Journal Open

Program Agenda – Facilitated in AST (Atlantic Standard Time)

1:00pm – 5:00pm each day for two consecutive days.

Day 1

  • Quick overview of the Shaping Purpose Journey
  • Expectations
  • Life-Line
  • Identifying Top 5 Gifts
  • Identifying Top 5 Passions
  • Identifying Top 5 Values
  • Career Discovery
  • Career Mapping

Day 2

  • Well-Being Checkup
  • Planning for Well Being
    • Financial: Income, savings, investments, real estate, freedom and independence.
    • Physical: Fitness, weight, sports, comfort, appearance and overall health.
    • Medical: Health, appearance, ability, movement, freedom and vitality.
    • Career: GPVs, salary, benefits, freedom and independence.
    • Location: Domestic life, environment, community, culture, language.
    • Psychological: Mental health, stress, anxiety, relaxation, sleep.
    • Social: Friendships, Relationships, Family, Community
  • Strategy Planning – SMART goals
  • Life Plan
  • Expectation Reflection

Your Name Here!

A Certificate of Completion is mailed out to you after completing the course.

Youth Certificate of Completion

Follow-up & Mentoring Sessions

We conduct a follow-up session two weeks after the end of the course to keep you on track and accountable.
A second follow-up session is booked following the first follow-up.
A third or further follow-up sessions are booked as needed.

The Shaping Purpose team is always available by phone or email.

Shaping Purpose Youth brochure

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The Way Forward

If you are interested, use the form below. Once we have enough New Brunswick participants we will schedule the course.