Are you the Philosopher, the Contemplator, the Strategist, or the Zen Master?


Select the option that resonates best with you.
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More about the Shaping Purpose course.

If you’re a Strategist, the Shaping Purpose course will help you by showing you how to plot and customize your dream Life Plan.


If you’re a Contemplator, the Shaping Purpose course can help you reflect on, draw out, and crystallize what is important to you so you can make big decisions with less stress.

If you’re a Philosopher, the Shaping Purpose course can help you answer the question “who am I?” by uncovering your Gifts, Passions and Values.

If you’ve got this! You’re the Zen Master! The Shaping Purpose course can help you by giving you a set of tools to help you communicate your plans, gifts, passions, and values to the important people in your life.