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I’ve been involved in mental health for over 30 years, and I’ve never seen [demand] like this, ever,” said Joanne Lowe, CHEO’s vice-president of mental health and addictions. This is the next pandemic.

Joanne Lowe


When you feel stuck or down in the dumps what do you do “to get over it”?

Because I am older, I know when I feel blue it will eventually pass. My life will be fine again in time. What I do during this time is key. If I want to “get over it” quickly I change direction – whether it’s about work, relationships, location etc. I make a new plan and go for it. If I want to take things a bit slower, I do simple things that bring me joy; pretty up the yard, sit on the dock and let my feet dangle just above the water and watch the tadpoles grow. Easy enough for me.

Not so easy for youth today struggling through difficult transitions. For some, it’s not just about a matter of time to feel better. After reading CBC’s article, transitions of COVID, school restrictions, lack of community events, social isolation are resulting in diminished hopes for a great future.

So, how can we help? The Shaping Purpose Youth course provides planning and preparedness tools to help youth come out of that floundering feeling of not knowing what to do next. But, I have knocked on so many doors of places where youth LOOK for help and got nowhere:

  • Department of Social Development – for kids in foster care that are aging out of the system
  • NB Department of Education – for high school students transitioning into post-secondary education
  • CMHA – to show how the course helps reduce anxiety and stress
  • Corrections Canada for transitioning inmates back to the community
  • Drug and Rehabilitation Centers for graduating youth

“There’s no money” is what I hear – over and over. I feel the systems are broken with backlogs, staffing changes, work relocations, policy changes resulting from political changes, meetings on automatic with zero results.

Who is for change?

I want to meet the people who can help me get the necessary tools and programs into the hands of youth who are seeking help.

A local company doing fabulous things for youth – KV Oasis Youth Centre

The Kennebecasis Valley Oasis Youth Centre is place in our community where youth (ages 12-25) can feel welcomed, valued, and most importantly, comfortable being their true selves. We are a not-for-profit organization and opened our doors in November 2016 in Quispamsis, New Brunswick. KV Oasis strives to bring a multifaceted entity to the Kennebecasis Valley area that gives our youth the resources they need to develop and learn new skills, engage with their peers, express themselves creatively, and access medical attention if they are in need, all under the same roof.

Kennebecasis Valley Oasis Youth Centre

Do you have a program or service that can help kids get excited about their future?  Let’s chat and create a collective to make a difference.

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