Welcome to the Shaping Purpose 24-Day Challenge

Thank you for enrolling in the Shaping Purpose: 24-Day Challenge. In this video, we will introduce you to Andrew Garsch and the story of how he managed to create a new life for himself after a difficult transition to civilian life.

Not only that, you will have the opportunity to hear Andrew’s personal story on how Shaping Purpose changed his life. As someone who has managed to accomplish balance in his life and success in each area, Andrew will be an excellent guide in this challenge. His sole purpose is to help you do the same or even better.

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Facilitator Andrew Garsch

Today, our instructor, Andrew Garsch, spends his time traveling with his family, sometimes even home-schooling his small children. He recently followed his passions and represented Canada in the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia. Andrew is living life fully and dedicated to helping as many people as possible make a smooth and easy transition to civilian life. But this isn’t what his life was like five years ago when he was medically released. Here is Andrew’s story.

Without doubt Shaping Purpose was the missing link needed to propel not only Andrew forward but our family as a whole. Prior to Shaping Purpose Andrew tried so many traditional and non-traditional forms to heal and after years of exhausting every recommendation he ultimately lost hope and was about to take his own life. At that time Shaping Purpose was introduced to him and he decided to attend their 4-day conference. Immediately Andrew had a transformation and one he could continue to build on. Shaping purpose provided Andrew with the tools needed to not only reshape his days, his thoughts, his health, his future but it also reshaped his identity into the person he ultimately is and always was deep at his core. As a family, we have gone from a state of constant worry and stress, to an entirely new way of living and we have Shaping Purpose to thank entirely.

Jesika Garsch


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