Important Things to Do

Here you will find a few suggestions, which will dramatically increase your chance to be successful and achieve great results with this challenge. Although you can access the course on mobile devices, we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer to take the course.

These three suggestions are:

  1. Set a time and place to do the 20-minute lessons each day. Take this challenge seriously and you will get serious results.
  2. Figure out what you need to stop doing to make the time for this. Will you stop checking social media for 20 minutes each day? Will you stop watching tv or playing video games for 20 minutes each day?
  3. Enter this challenge with an open mind. You’ve decided to be here, so ask yourself “How can I make this work for me?”
In the first day, you will learn how this quest is structured and how you should consume it to get the most out of it.  We prepared downloadable handouts that will help you stay on track with all the exercises. You can either Print out these handouts or you can download and type directly in them to save paper.  

Instructions for using the PDF handouts

  Download your handouts and Resource PDFs or simply view them in a browser window. Regardless of your computer, operating system, or browser, our PDFs will work with Adobe Reader (it’s free and easy), Adobe Acrobat Pro or even Adobe Preview. If you want to type in the forms, make sure you save the PDF to your computer.   Chrome Users:  
  1. Right-click the link to the PDF file, and then click “Save Link As” from the sub-menu. The “Save As” dialog box opens.
  2. Specify the location on your computer where you want to save the file, and click the “Save” button.
  3. After the file is saved, open the file stored on your computer and the file will open in the Adobe Acrobat Reader, automatically.
  4. Click inside the highlighted areas and type!

Tips for this Course


Use the Right Browser

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We recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your default browser for Shaping Purpose courses. Safari is a fine third option, but please avoid Internet Explorer as it won’t give you the best user experience. Also, make sure you have the most up-to-date version to keep your entire digital life running faster and smoother.  

Join Your 24-Day Challenge Group

Click here to go to your 24-Day Challenge Group when prompted enter mypurposeismypower in the question box.


As you check off these objectives for the day, a check mark will appear in the menu on the left, indicating which days you have completed. Some videos will be marked as complete when you watch them, as will quizzes. Go ahead and try it out, check the boxes in the list, then scroll up to see that the first menu item is checked off. [progressally_objectives]